What’s this Kombucha all about anyway?

What’s this Kombucha all about anyway?

Ok ok ok..we have heard the name popping up all over the place. Or maybe you haven’t? Either way, you should definitely know about this if you in any way care about your health or how your body works. Kombucha. (pronounced kom-boo-cha). It’s a fermented tea beverage that has TONS of health benefits. As this particular bottle states, it really is a “wonder” drink.

The WONDER drink

The WONDER drink

I have been purchasing mine from the health food store, only because I killed my scoby (the “mother” that helps ferment the tea) 🙁 I’m terrible with plants.. I even kill cactuses and apparently shouldn’t be left alone with a scoby either.

So I’m not entirely sure on where you can get a scoby from, other than from somebody who already makes their own kombucha. It’s not the most attractive thing to look at, but don’t let that discourage you! Once I get another scoby I will be happy to give parts as it grows to others who want to make their own!

Kombucha tea ready to drink! That's the scoby on top :)

Kombucha tea ready to drink! That’s the scoby on top 🙂

Ok so here’s what you do. Wash out a gallon jar to make your concentrated tea in.


6 bags of black tea and 1 cup of sugar (to make a full gallon). Boil 13 cups of filtered water and pour over the sugar and tea bags in a pot. Let sit for 10 mins and remove the tea bags. Let the tea cool and pour into your gallon jar (should have a wide mouth). Only use glass, never plastic or metal. Place the mother (scoby) on top. Cover jar with a dry cloth. Do not seal it, it needs to breathe. And that’s it! Let it sit 7-10 days. Taste it on the 7th day and if it’s still too sweet for your liking wait another day and try again. Pour the tea out at the stage you like it. You can speed the process (5-7 days) by keeping it in a warm place or on a warming pad. The scoby will cover the whole top of the jar and form a new layer on top. The taste is similar to carbonated apple cider. If you leave it longer, it starts to taste more vinegary. But its still healthy 🙂

If you want, you can bottle it plane or add fruit of your choice such as orange, blueberries, pineapple etc (called secondary fermentation). Have fun and experiment with your new child! I say child because you really do have to look after it….its alive remember! If you plan to leave town for a couple weeks, put the mother on a full jar of fresh tea in a cool place. The resulting brew will be too strong to drink, but that’s ok. Start again. You can use tea leaves instead of bags, organic tea (green tea tastes yummy), raw sugar, or black tea. Feel free to SHARE your scoby as the new layers form. Otherwise, just compost it 🙂

SO, what exactly happens during this process? Are you drinking a ton of sugar in a small amount of the tea? Nope 🙂 During the brewing process (fermentation), the Kombucha microorganisms metabolize the sugar in the tea. Now be careful…fermentation of the tea does mean that alcohol naturally occurs…so it is not recommended for anyone trying to avoid alcohol.

Now…what are the health benefits after all this work?

* Balances your metabolism

* Cleanses your blood and regulates the acid/alkaline levels in the body

* Improves liver, gall bladder and digestive function

* Detoxifies your body and enhances your immune system

* Raises your energy levels

* It contains the range of B vitamins (particularly B1, B2, B6 and B12) that provide the body with energy, help to process fats and proteins, and which are vital for the normal functioning of the nervous system and methylation cycle of the body.

* Can be safely drank by diabetics and candida sufferers.

* Produces probiotics naturally to help balance the good bacteria in your gut


After all that, how can you say no?? If the fermentation process is just not for you, then stop by your nearest health food store, Whole Foods or any other store that has an organic/health section. Just make sure it says LIVE on the bottle 🙂

Have a great day!